San Francisco

Graphic Design

Mock perfume packaging

Bio-mimicry abstractions on 4x4-inch paper cubes
Visual Abstraction

Geometric forms found in nature inform the relations between positive and negative spaces in the two-dimensional drawings rendered onto paper cubes.

By referring to biological derived geometries, visual function easily follows. The process of abstraction merely reduces the visual complexities into an aesthetically pleasing synthesis of simple parts.

Through constant distillation, design becomes the summation of its visual elements. Interactions between line and volume give rise to rhythmicity and regularity.

Logo Design

Corporate identities rely on associations. Visual representation of non-physical concepts require geometric repetitions and referential abstractions to evoke relations to industry and function.

Grid systems and simple geometries—concepts often visited in graphic approaches to visual arts—help order and direct viewers from symbol to brand.

Digital Interfaces
Archetypal layouts provide users with familiar methods of navigating as well as unified visual logic. While system conventions may seem tired, it lays an important foundation for intuitive, innovative design.

Animations indicate the system’s response to a user’s input. They breakdown the boundary between software and hardware, queuing users into the expected interaction.

By revealing functional elements only when necessary, a minimalized layout can simplify an experience without sacrificing functionality. As such, animations become the gateway to more complex interactions.